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nice things people said

“To my angel of the orderly house. Susannah, thank you for giving me my life back.”

“Thank you for your services, you have helped me so much on my new path in life. Slowly my life is becoming simplified!”

“Thank you so much Susannah for all you have done for me – above and beyond the call of duty.”

“Susannah is liquid calm.”

“Really the emotional support, the skill set, the being there when I needed you, has all meant so much to me, thank you Susannah.”

“Your presence in my life is such a precious gift. You have always been so kind and thoughtful and been there through the most difficult times. You have gone above and beyond, and your invaluable help is beyond description. I wanted to say, thanks for being you.”

“You’re an angel, whom I just have to give a slight donation to.”

“You’re my savior. You make it all so tranquil.”

“I feel better even just knowing you're coming to help.”

“Susannah is simply wonderful to work with! She's always punctual, upbeat, professional and respectful. A caring listener, a hard-working organizer and an all-'round supportive person for we folks who make up the legions of the "chronically disorganized". I'm so very grateful to have her accompany me on my journey of working through chaotic disorganization towards reclaiming my living space. Thank you, Susannah!”

“Thank you again for listening, witnessing... and all your hard work! I think it was important for me to vocalize what I was feeling, and was so glad to have your patient and calm presence there in the moment. Thank you!”

“I was totally overwhelmed trying to unpack and sort through my things when I moved. Susannah and her team arrived and got right to work. In two days they had my office organized, functional and comfortable. I find them prompt, helpful and extremely good at “finding just the right thing” to solve a problem. Since then I have had them back several times and it just gets better and better.”

“Susannah is fabulous! Having her help me organize my office has seriously changed my life for the better. Things get done! She keeps me on track and focused on the task at hand. I would be spinning my wheels without her. When I finish a session with her, I feel empowered, capable and so friggin’ happy!”

“Thank you Susannah for your excellent assistance – my office feels so much more productive which has greatly helped me personally as well.”

“Working with Susannah was an absolute pleasure! She took my messy office with 10 years (yes 10 years!) worth of files and helped me sort and scan it all so that now I have a paperless work space. What a relief! Because of Susannah I now have a clean, organized office that I love! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I give Susannah the highest recommendation. Her calm, confident, and kind personality is perfectly suited to her work. She gently and firmly nudges process forward, provides empathetic support through tough decisions, and has a deep knowledge for best practices for office organization. The result for me- the unpleasant back office management part of my job is so much easier and takes a fraction of the time. I feel relieved to have a process I can trust and designed to suit my way of working. Thank you Susannah!”

“I’m so happy! My office looks great and I’m so relieved that I can focus 100% on my business. It was so worth it to take the time to purge the old paper and create solid, simple systems for files, office supplies and marketing materials. I now have a streamlined home office space that is exactly the esthetic I was looking for. Thanks so much Susannah.”

“You have no idea how much I appreciated your help. You gals were like packing elves! And the cost of my sanity was worth every penny.”

“We are a family that has moved a great deal and this has been by far our best moving experience. Having a team of motivated and thoughtful women do the packing AND unpacking made all the difference. We highly recommend Susannah and her team”

“We were so overwhelmed by all the stuff and decisions at our house of 30 yrs we couldn’t even move into our new condo. Susannah helped my wife and I declutter separately (which helped our marriage), with patience and efficiency (which saved our sanity). She made everything we didn’t want disappear, gave us a moving deadline, co-ordinated all the move details with her movers, and brought in a team of very organized women to pack up the house. Honestly without her we’d probably still be paying for 2 homes. We can’t thank you enough Susannah for allowing us to move on with our lives.”

“Thanks a ton to you and your team!!! Much appreciation and again thanks a bunch for everything, we never could have moved without you!”

“Thank you Susannah for sending out your packing team on very short notice – we thought we could do the packing ourselves but boy were we wrong. The ladies were professional, patient and hard working – bringing all the supplies and staying with us until the job was over - what a life saver.”

“Susannah has packed and unpacked me 3 times now, it’s been such a relief to call her and know she will just look after it all, and I don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Thanks to you, Susannah the packing went very smoothly, and it meant that the movers got it all done in one day instead of two. Again I want to thank you for a job well done. You were so good at establishing a plan and the timelines and the execution. You are very talented and it was such a treat working with you and your organizers. Together we made quite a team!”

“Susannah is a natural listener with a non-judgmental, empathetic ear. I so look forward to our visits - like a good friend who doesn’t interfere, is coming over.”

“As a widower Susannah got me out of the house and genuinely enjoying life again. Susannah is the definition of ‘good company.’”

“I feel like Susannah became the sister my own sister wasn’t. She also used her great practical mind when I needed it most.”